A Conversation With Gun Control Advocates

    Recently the topic of gun control has been coming up everywhere. Being a supporter of the 2nd amendment myself and an advocate of less government there is no surprise what side of the argument I am on. My question is though: is “argument” the correct term? Cannot we have an intelligent discussion about the... Continue Reading →

A Letter in Response to Proposed Gun Legislation in CT

#MoreLawsMoreProblems Here is a letter I wrote to all my reps at the state level, and I will be sending a modified version to my reps at the federal level: Hello State Rep, I am a citizen of Milford, registered voter and veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I am also a local DJ... Continue Reading →

My Experience as a Sheep.

Lately on social media I have noticed a lot of comparisons between people and sheep. Often when I open up my Facebook or Twitter people post articles or videos which state: "Wake Up" in the header. Not to mention you can click on any number of websites, blogs or channels and hear people ranting and... Continue Reading →

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