Turn the Other Cheek.

Today I am inspired to write a blog entry once again by social media. Two different posts in fact, one very negative and one very positive. Such is life. The negative post was bashing all Muslims for the actions of a handful of “so-called” Muslims and the other post was speaking of our rights being taken away and talked of revolution. Reading both post within minutes of each other I was prompted to make a post of my own. The thoughts I wished to convey flowed through me and I quickly realized I could not fit the message in the space provided.

I want to preface this by saying that I do not consider myself a Christian or part of any organized religion for that matter. I was raised Christian and always fascinated by religion and the control on people. I spent much of my time researching other religions and belief systems. Most if not all religions and belief systems have very valid points and are a great guide on how one should live. The problem, however, comes with the different interpretations. However, I am not here to talk about different religions, nor the flaws of humans so I will move on.

Getting back the the two statuses that inspired me. The main theme which popped into my brain as I read them was “Turn the other cheek.” Or as Jesus said: ” But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matthew 5:39

Most people interpret this to mean that you should not seek revenge and if somebody is beating you up you shouldn’t defend yourself. I had an epiphany! What if the message being conveyed was: “Do not react in the manner that the aggressor is trying to make you react.” This Idea can be applied to many situations, but I will use a terrorist attack as an example.

People generally carry acts of terror to convey a message or garner a specific response from a group of people. What better way to do it (In their twisted or desperate mind) than to kill a bunch of innocent people. It certainly grabs media headlines and attention across the globe. I’m sure terrorists know the normal response to an act of terror against this country is most always two-fold. One, there is a bloody response from our forces (Police, Military or both). Second, freedoms of the people in this country are usually taken away. Look at Boston for example after the bombings. There were tanks on the street and troops going door to door. That was just as if not more terrifying to me than the bombing itself.

Now back to “Turn the other cheek.” If we agree the terrorists are pulling off these horrific acts to garner a response, then what better way to nullify their attack than by acting opposite of what they expect. I believe this is a great tactic in any war or confrontation. Why would you ever respond in a way your enemy wants you to. You would play right into their hands. Basically allowing your enemy to control you. I suggest instead thay you must gain an understanding of what your enemy wants you to do. Ask yourself, “Why do they want a specific response from me?” And if you “turn the other cheek” as Jesus suggests you will destroy their plans.

This is ingenious for a few reasons. It allows us to act from a place of reason and understanding instead of anger. Also it takes away the one true weapon terrorists have which is causing chaos. I am not suggesting we do nothing. I am simply suggesting we do not allow ourselves to act out of fear and anger. Isn’t that what the terrorists want? Don’t they want to spread hate, fear and anger? If instead we combat this with patience, love and understanding we can contain the chaos and take away the power the terrorists have to manipulate us.

I know when I talk like this I run the risk of being called a hippie. So before this happens let me explain what I mean. Terrorists are only granted power if we let them have it. They want to spread fear, anger and hate. There are several ways we can prevent this from happening. First of all we should not sensationalize the event live on TV. This spreads the most Fear of all. There are ways to report on events without spreading fear.

Second : We should not send drones or planes to bomb other countries in haste. Killing more innocent people in an effort to kill guilty people is not the answer.

Third: We shouldn’t turn loose the military on our own soil going door to door trampling on citizens rights just to catch a suspect. There are certain dangers of living in a free society one must be willing to accept. Not having a military police state to protect you is one of those dangers.

I see many different ways to conclude this post. The main theme I want to convey is that the way we handle ourselves as the world’s “Super Power” is not working. All we have to do is open a history book to see what happened to every other great “Super Power” of their time. The way we can “buck” the trend and slow down or stop our decline is with rational acts. Acts from a place of patience and understanding instead of fear and hate. If loosing your freedoms, and tanks on our streets is ok with you than that’s fine, if not we must do something.


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