The Dave Chappelle Debackle in Hartford CT

I was at the show and I don’t think the blame can be squarely placed on the crowd or Chappelle. It was about 70% crowd 30% Chappelle fault wise. People who are quick to blame the comedian don’t realize how tough it is to try to talk over people and there was a constant barrage of people screaming and yelling out comments. Also remember there were several thousand people there so it’s not as if there were only one or two bad apples. I was thoroughly annoyed with the people who wouldn’t shut up. He was nice about it for the first few times and some people just didn’t get the hint. It is like they were calling his bluff and did not believe we would stop his performance. Every one around me was silent except for whispers where they were expressing there frustration with the crowd.

The 30% blame I place on Chappelle is I believe it could have been possible for him to muscle through and get the show going.Although if he didn’t feel like talking over people’s constant screaming that is his choice. It is possible that he is such a good performer he will only give you the best or nothing. I guess we will never know CT. This is only my opinion and guess what? We all are entitled to our own. If you disagree with me I respect that as well, this is just how I feel 🙂


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