Don’t Blame Obama, You are doing it wrong.

This is a comment I left under an article which was talking about Obama being caught in another lie. All the comments were bashing Obama so I wrote this to explain why blaming Obama is wrong. It’s good to be angry,  but focus that anger in the correct direction.

Guys please don’t focus your anger on Obama. He is merely an actor playing the role. Unfortunately these days if you want to be president you have to lie, cheat, steal, etc. It’s a product of actually wanting to be the president. People who seek these positions of ultimate power have major character flaws. We need to find people who don’t want to be president. I know that sounds crazy, but if you know your history then you know people such as George Washington DIDN’T want to be president and that is one of many characteristics that made him a great leader. Also blaming Obama for the country’s problems does our country a huge disservice. The reason being is Obama is loosely following a path that all recent past presidents set upon. Which is, amoung other things, this mission to expand the power of the presidency. The major problem with blaming Obama is that when he is out of office the people who blamed Obama will believe everything is ok and now that “we have our guy in there” we can blindly support was he does. Just as Democrats who opposed the Bush era wars and expansion of presidential powers were ok with their own guy (Obama) doing the same if not worse things. People have this “team” mentality  and it’s your guy versus my guy. Well both guys/sides are on team “eff the American People!” So please stop blaming Obama and blame the system which only allows us to choose between two side who are both screwing us over. I don’t remember the part in the constitution which states that the presidential election must be a choice of  the lesser of two evils!?


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