Graham Hancock’s recent Podcast Appearances


roganhancockcarlsonGraham Hancock has many skills & achievements, but it’s the publishing of his new book: “Magicians of the Gods” (Sequel to his 1995 book “Fingerprints of the Gods”) which has sent him on a whirlwind promotional tour in the United States making him the guest on many recent podcasts. Hancock’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (episode #725) with colleague Randall Carlson was probably the most famous, but Hancock made other podcast appearances which are a must listen for true fans. Also it’s fun to note all these podcast hosts are recurring guest on Joe Rogan’s Podcast. So if you are a Rogan fan you will most likely enjoy these guys or may have heard of them. If you aren’t familiar with Graham Hancock you can refer to the brief description I have written below. If you know who he is then please dive right into the list of podcasts and enjoy!


    Tangentially Speaking #157: Graham Hancock – Hosted by Chris Ryan 

    The Drunken Taoist Podcast #78: The Return of Graham Hancock – Hosted by Daniele Bolelli & Rich Evirs

    The Duncan Trussell Family Hour #176: Graham Hancock – Hosted by Duncan Trussell

    The Joe Rogan Experience #725: Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson – Hosted by Joe Rogan

    Reset with Amber Lyon: Graham Hancock – Hosted by Amber Lyon

   (Please comment below with any other recent Graham Hancock podcast appearances I may have missed.)

   Who is Graham Hancock?

   Graham Hancock wrote a book in 1995Graham_Hancock_7228 named “Fingerprints of the Gods.” In his book Hancock proposed there are traces of an ancient advanced civilization, lost to history, right under our noses. In this book Hancock laid out evidence available to him at the time as well as theories on how such an advanced civilization could disappear, so completely, from the human record. A main body of evidence Hancock sited in his book was water erosion found on the great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. Work done by geologist Robert Schoch and author John Anthony West had theorized and shown water erosion, which they explain would have taken at least 1,000 years of rain to produce, is present on the great Sphinx. The real mystery begins when they explain it has been around 12,000 years since there was enough rainfall in that area to produce such erosion. Thus theorizing the Great Sphinx is at least 13,000 years old.
This book was initially rejected by mainstream archaeology. The people in mainstream archeology debated the proposition of the Sphinx being older by stating no other monolithic sites have ever been found to date back so far. That argument fell apart years later with the discovery of Gobekli Tepe in modern day Turkey. A giant monolithic site, which according to experts, is at least 11,000 years old. Graham Hancock visits, studies and documents this discovery heavily in his new book. Also contained in his book is overwhelming evidence of a cataclysmic extinction level event caused by a comet impact on the North American ice sheets causing the Younger Dryas Period (c. 12,900 to c. 11,700 years ago). Hancock proposes an advanced human civilization was destroyed as a direct result of this impact. I highly recommend reading his book “Magicians of the Gods”, but it’s not necessary to enjoy the podcasts listed above. He also narrates an audio book version which is amazing as well.


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