It’s broke, how do we fix it?

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This a Part 3 in a series of articles in which I answer a listener’s questions. Part 1 which includes these questions can be found here. In the last post of this series, I tackled the question raised by Jake stating what we would do with all of the people who would be affected by shrinking the government? Such as freed non-violent prison inmates and those who lost their jobs. In this post, I plan on addressing Jake’s question regarding how any group of people would go about shrinking the size and power of the government. Seems impossible, right? Not entirely…

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Okay, to me the best argument about how to implement a more libertarian style of government is to start small. Start from the bottom. The most sound advice I’ve heard was; not to run for office or stand behind a presidential candidate, but merely to educate yourself on the ideas and principles of liberty, as best you can. Most of the Libertarians who Jake named in his query, especially Ron Paul, believe our current system is doomed to fail.

Former Congressman Paul always says that the best way to make a change is by spreading the ideas of liberty & free markets. Systems and governments change when people’s minds change. They follow the culture. So my advice is to learn these ideas, so you can share and discuss them with people around you who WANT to listen. If a person isn’t willing to listen, arguing will probably make it worse. There is a better way.

Most people aren’t very political, which I see as a good thing. However, when you do encounter a person who wants to discuss political ideas make sure you remember the “Scott Horton Rule” which is to attack (Metaphorically of course!!) the “Right” from the “Right” and the “Left” from the “Left” (With conversation!! Lol). For example: If you are talking to a Democrat, you could bring up the atrocities of Drug War or the War on Terror. If you are chatting with a Republican, you could bring up the wastefulness of the defense budget or  the numerous Presidential Constitutional violations. The best part is BOTH sides are guilty!!

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This might not be the answer you were looking for Jake, but I really feel it’s our best shot. I am not against someone running for political office, but I feel it would be near impossible to change a corrupt system from the inside. Better to run for office with the intention of using your spot as a platform to spread the ideas of liberty. Ron Paul is a great example of this. The former Congressman from Texas ran for president twice, first in 2008 and then in 2012. He used both of these campaigns, very successfully, as a way to spread his message knowing there was a very slim chance he would ever come close to the Oval Office.

From Ron Paul’s daily internet show “The Liberty Report”

Using power to stop power only ends up in a war. Which may be fine if we are ever invaded by a foreign power, but when it comes to domestic threats to our freedom, education and non-participation are our best ally.


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