Hidden (Occult) Psychology; Silly Superstition or Serious Science?

“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.

There are two very good reasons to read the article to the end.
One: the Author makes a promise that contained within is a small nugget of information which has potential to enhance the life of the reader who is new to the subject.
Number 2: The author‘s blog has past examples of sober analysis on current events and relative topics, often against “mainstream opinions,” that have been very accurate and original. (And if you bought gold when the author suggested, you may be a little richer as well.) However, the past is the past so let us move this article into the present

The problem proposed in the title of this article sounds strenuous, but the author argues the answer is super simple.

The author intends to show the reader, through his own example how one could apply some practical principles of occulted or hidden knowledge in ones own life. So rather than attempt to persuade the reader using only words, the author intends to lead by example. Leaving each reader to come to their own individual conclusion.

To some readers this may seem like a boring place to start. For many the mere mention of the word “Occult” conjures visions of crooked crosses, dancing devils, and evil entities! The author will agree that this aspect of Occult Knowledge which the article is concerned is much less sexier than others, however he must admit it is the “red pill” knowledge. The gateway drug to the obscured truth. As such, it’s the first step for anyone serious about studying the occult.

“If you allow the thought unbridled to become the master before you have learned true understanding the reasoning intellect threatens to choke the truth within you.” Eqyptian saying Quoted by Ram Dass

The author is reminded of a lecture given by the recently deceased spiritual teacher, Ram Dass on the Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita. Ram Dass uses a metaphor about an overhead projector and says each slide placed on the projector is an obstacle for the light to reach the wall. In the same way, Ram Dass explains, each person, due to the life they have lead, finds themselves in a particular set of circumstances. Each circumstance like a slide placed on the projector blocking the light of their own true wisdom (Self-knowledge). So a person on the road to self-knowledge has their own unique journey to go about removing their own specific “slides” in an effort to see as much light, or truth, as possible.

“Only two kinds of people can attain self-knowledge: those who are not encumbered at all with learning, that is to say, whose minds are not over-crowded with thoughts borrowed from others;
And those who, after studying all the scriptures and sciences, have come to realize that they know nothing.

Back to leading by example. It is important to remember that everyone’s different. Therefore, everyone’s path to self-knowledge will be just as unique as they are. Following a positive example can be a good start, but one must keep in mind that following one’s own intuition is always the best path. Being able to quiet the mind in order to hear this “voice” or “feeling” more clearly may seem impossible at first, but it has been done.

One popular method for quieting the mind is to build a solid meditation practice. This could be a very difficult process, but nothing great was ever attained without a little hard work and sacrifice. It can be argued that the sheer force of will that must be employed by sticking with this practice, day in and day out, yields enough benefits of it‘s own. A person is literally training themselves how to change their life in a positive way. The same force of will can be applied to a hobby or musical instrument or even to negative behaviors and bad habits one wishes to cease.

Of all the words one could associate with meditation, the word occult is probably not top on most people‘s list. However, meditation can be associated with the Occult Science of Alchemy, which is another commonly misunderstood word. Most would say it’s a science of transforming lead into gold using the mysterious philosopher‘s stone. Fewer people might tell you that it’s simply a metaphor for the transformation of a person or their soul by gaining self-knowledge. Still fewer may let you in on a larger secret which is the true power of a philosopher’s stone is not only to create gold, but to create other philosophers’ stones. Not only help a being attain self-knowledge, but assist them in becoming a beacon for others walking the same road.

Metaphorical mind melt But what about Meditation?!

Throughout the Alchemical process initiates come to understand that inner balance is paramount to success. Meditation can be a tool one uses to correct some of these inner imbalances. A good example of this would be if a person is stuck in a “logical” left brain state of mind. Meditation can be the key to restoring proper balance by quieting the left, logical, always thinking brain. Thus tuning one in to their inner voice inside the intuitive right brain.

At this point most readers will say, “Meditation is Hard!” “We have tried to meditate and failed… miserably,” “It’s impossible!!

To these objections the author could issue the following rebuttals: “That hardly any positive changes come about without hard work.” Or he could point out the simple fact: that if you want to meditate but you can‘t because you cannot get yourself to cooperate it’s most likely a sign of this “inner imbalance” mentioned above. And lastly, If you say something is impossible, then you‘re already beat. But instead of wasting time with these rebuttals, let us focus on some practical advice and techniques.

Contrary to popular belief meditation is not about clearing ones mind of all thoughts. That’s impossible. Brains think, it’s just what they do. Take the analogy of sitting on a hill above a freeway. Imagine all of the passing cars as all of the thoughts in your brain. Coming and going just as fast as light freeway traffic. Instead of rushing into traffic to stop all of the thoughts. Just allow them to come and go by without getting attached to them. Just like cars whizzing by, your thoughts come up and you let them go.
Think of it more as a practice, try to always be aware that everything going on in your mind at all times is just a thought. A thought that you can let go of at any time to return to the present moment. When another thought comes to take it’s place, or maybe the same one again. Don’t matter, just keep letting go of those thoughts until you realize they are merely thoughts. It’s a practice that gets easier with time. Guided meditations are a great way of getting started and help to really establish a routine. Tools from apps to audiobooks have been used by many meditators to establish a daily practice.

As to the benefits of meditation, some say it can relieve anxiety, but the author would have to interject here. Taking the view that anxiety is caused by ones “higher-self” expressing dissatisfaction with the way an individual, stuck in their ego, is choosing to live their life. So the author would say that meditation doesn’t relieve anxiety in a person directly as much as it illumines a life path to less anxiety for that individual. A path that if followed will lead to many more rewards orher than simply easing anxiety.

“How can the author make such claims?!” One may ask. “Where is the proof??”

The existence of this article is the evidence. It was written by a person who has been on the road to self-discovery. A person who has maintained a perfectly imperfect meditation practice for over 5 years now. Someone who is familiar with Alchemical Techniques and knows their true benefits. Benefits which to try to describe would be like trying to describe to a pre-teen boy why his now precious baseball cards aren’t going to be the center of his universe in a few years. Even so the author will attempt to describe how meditation has changed his life in the paragraph or two below.



In this author‘s experience, the quieting down that was eventually experienced through sticking with a normal meditation practice resulted in a perspective shift. A new way to view the world. A shift which resulted in one finding it harder to lie to oneself about certain behaviors as well as lie to others about anything at all. And harder still to accept any lies around oneself, even if accepted by the majority of people in society. The new outlook on truth wasn’t the only positive benefit of this perspective shift. There was also a behavioral shift that was eventually noticed by friends and family who noted the difference in attitude. One of the most important benefits, however, was imagination waking up. This allowed the author to see he could make any dream a reality. Just like magic, the Magick of the Occult.

There it is, undeniable proof that Occult Psychology is a Serious Science!! Of course the only way to know for oneself is to try the experiment. Which is the greatest test of all. Forget dogma. The proof is in the pudding!

This article contains no unique Ideas, as the old Occult saying goes, “There is Nothing New Under the Sun.

-Brandon Smith


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