Know Thyself; The Key.

At the core of many major belief systems in the world are figures who lead by example. From the teachings of Jesus to Buddha and even Krishna one could easily deduce that these figures, whether real or mythical, were very much concerned with spreading the worship of their message and not the worship of themselves.... Continue Reading →

War on Drugs Steel Man

  The "Steel Man" tactic is the opposite of the "Straw Man" tactic in an argument. The latter is a tactic in which one misrepresents an opponents argument and then attacks that misrepresentation. An example of this in regard to the War on Drugs, following the theme of last week's article, goes like this: Person... Continue Reading →

Wall Talk

There's a lot of Wall talk going on these days, but both political sides' proposed solutions would seem to make everyone in this country less free. Is there a way to address these border issues in a way that would increase personal freedom instead? Looking at each sides' argument objectively could leave one to become very confused. There are great points on both sides of this debate: One Side Says something like: "You can't have a welfare state... Continue Reading →

Freedom?! Yeah, Right II: School

Corresponding Podcast Can Be Found Here Starting this series with the topic of War may not seem like a big surprise. Trading freedom for safety seems to be a theme found often in the pages of history. It seems doubtful, however, that the topic of this article would make the board on Family Feud if... Continue Reading →

Freedom!? yeah, right 1: WAR

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Cognitive dissonance in a very complicated and wordy way HERE. I define it as a process that occurs in a person's brain when they encounter evidence that goes against or even blows away a major foundation of their thinking, then as a defense mechanism, their brain rejects the evidence. They just... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Jobs & Stability

  This article is a response to the first set of questions which I received from a podcast listener. It can be found here. These questions are about government, the current state of affairs in the U.S. & what could happen if we moved towards being a freer society by shrinking the size and scope of government. His other questions about the FED, Interest rates and the political process will be talked about in future articles.   First I must say Jake's questions are very legitimate, great questions! Questions,... Continue Reading →

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