Freedom!? yeah, right 1: WAR

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Cognitive dissonance in a very complicated and wordy way HERE. I define it as a process that occurs in a person’s brain when they encounter evidence that goes against or even blows away a major foundation of their thinking, then as a defense mechanism, their brain rejects the evidence. They just […]

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The Cost of Jobs & Stability

  This¬†article¬†is¬†a¬†response¬†to the first set¬†of¬†questions¬†which I¬†received¬†from a podcast listener.¬†It can be found here.¬†These¬†questions¬†are¬†about¬†government, the current state of¬†affairs¬†in the U.S. & what could happen¬†if we¬†moved¬†towards¬†being¬†a¬†freer¬†society by¬†shrinking¬†the size and scope of¬†government. His other questions about the FED, Interest rates and the political process will be talked about in future articles.   First I must say Jake’s¬†questions¬†are¬†very¬†legitimate,¬†great¬†questions! Questions, […]

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Net Neutrality, Both Sides Stink!

¬†I am NOT a fan of cable companies. Their customer service is generally terrible. (I will say though that every “Cable Guy or Gal” I’ve ever dealt with were super cool.) I am referring mostly to the experiences I’ve had on the phone as well as stories I’ve hear about people visiting their service centers.¬† […]

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