The Cost of Jobs & Stability

  This¬†article¬†is¬†a¬†response¬†to the first set¬†of¬†questions¬†which I¬†received¬†from a podcast listener.¬†It can be found here.¬†These¬†questions¬†are¬†about¬†government, the current state of¬†affairs¬†in the U.S. & what could happen¬†if we¬†moved¬†towards¬†being¬†a¬†freer¬†society by¬†shrinking¬†the size and scope of¬†government. His other questions about the FED, Interest rates and the political process will be talked about in future articles.   First I must say Jake’s¬†questions¬†are¬†very¬†legitimate,¬†great¬†questions! Questions, […]

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Net Neutrality, Both Sides Stink!

¬†I am NOT a fan of cable companies. Their customer service is generally terrible. (I will say though that every “Cable Guy or Gal” I’ve ever dealt with were super cool.) I am referring mostly to the experiences I’ve had on the phone as well as stories I’ve hear about people visiting their service centers.¬† […]

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Danger!! Do NOT Buy Bitcoin rn.

Has Brandon gone mad?! DON’T buy Bitcoin?? This is the short version of how I came to the conclusion that buying gold may be (as I write this in early December 2017) a better idea than buying Bitcoin. From what I am seeing on social media many people would most likely disagree with me on […]

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Happy 420

It has certainly been awhile since I have posted on my blog. I would like to say sorry to everyone who has been holding their breathe while waiting for my next post. Since you are probably all dead now from lack of oxygen, my only hope is this post will reach you in the next […]

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