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Ronald Russell Farnham the author of ‘The Solution: Instruction-Manual for Sovereignty and Freedom’ joins Brandon to talk about how the Law is mostly offers and all you need do is to counter offer… It can be that simple.
Derrick Broze comes on to promote the #ExposeBillGates 2 movement happening this Saturday. Brandon & Derrick also talk solutions, spirituality overcoming addiction.

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Kayleigh puts together a chat with James Bartolo of the Conscious Truth Network in Melbourne, Australia with herself and Brandon. They talk all about common law as well as the rights of every citizen of any western nation.

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Kayleigh fills Brandon in on the Lock Down situation in Melbourne, Australia. They also talk about masks, the psychology behind them and the second wave around the world as Brandon is in the US in Connecticut.

Kayleigh joins Brandon to talk about Toxic Chemicals found in everyday Heath & Beauty products as well as cleaning products around the house.

Anon Mess Age Sage joins Brandon for a chat about Occult Psychology, Pushing personal boundaries and more.

Kayleigh & Brandon get together to chat about current events and what they see going on in the world around them.

Paige is the Mother of the Children separated from their father as he was walking away from the protests in Melbourne Australia on May 10th 2020. Nathan was taking their 2 children to a park after checking on Paige towards the end of the demonstration which he was not even participating in.
Whistle Blower from G00GLE Zach Vorhies & Journalist Maryam Henein sit down for this Round Table hosted by Doug McKenty from the Shift. How is public opinion guided by a search engine and who decides?
In this Round Table exclusive interview award winning film/documentarian Marcy Cravat talks with Author and Doctor Thomas Cowan. Another fact filled mind blowing episode. They bring it all the way back to Louis Pasture on this one!
Two former US Marines, Comedian Rodney Norman & Brandon, get together for some much needed laughs and of course to criticize the G0V-ernment.

Kayleigh went to the the protests today, Sunday 5-10-20, in Melbourne Australia and recorded a man being arrested by police who wasn’t even part of the protest. The police separated him from his children with no masks.

Kolton from the Conspiracy Church Podcast returns. This is our fourth time and every time seems to be more fun than the last. Kolton asks Brandon about his recent round table discussions and they both go on some nice rants.

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Dr. Andrew Kaufman sit down with award winning film maker/documentarian Marcy Cravat for a discussion.

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Raphaelle returns to update everyone on “Current eVents.” She shares all of the latest info she has discovered as they both try to piece together the bigger picture. Never a boring conversation with her.

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Kayleigh and her fabulous British Accent join Brandon all the way from Australia to talk about the artwork inside Denver International Airport. They breakdown the symbolism encoded the different pieces. The airport is a source of many conspiracy theories and has been since it open on March 19, 1994. Finally a lighter episode with an overall positive message. Cheers to Kayleigh on her first video appearance!!

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Two doctors and a journalist sit down for a discussion about Current eVents. Dr Judy Mikovitz, Dr. Rashid Buttar & Ryan from the Last American Vagabond get on a video call moderated by Brandon Smith.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz

Dr. Rashid Buttar


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Kolton from Conspiracy Church Camp joins Brandon again.

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NOLA B 2 Cover

Raphaelle may have solved the riddle of why Corona doesn’t seem to be effecting the youngest among us. Nola Butterfly returns with some health tips for the Current eVent and an UNcensored talk about the unbelievable truths she has uncovered in her life and work. Please Like, Comment & Share!
You can find her
work on YouTube @

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Nola Butterfly 1.001

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I met Raphaelle aka NOLA Butterfly through our mutual friend Rob. We got on Facebook live late one night and had a fun conversation about current events, her experience in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina & more.

Raphaelle on YouTube:

Link to the Video:

SwapCast 2

Kolton from the Conspiracy Church Camp Podcast is back! Brandon and him talk solutions and CV Conspiracy. What can one do in these uncertain times?

debunk the plan 2

Writer & Q-anon debunker Elemi Fuentes aka Carolina is back with Brandon to talk about the scariest & strangest things happening currently like executive orders and hidden powers. What are we being distracted from?

Debunk the plan

Writer & Q-anon debunker Elemi Fuentes aka Carolina joins Brandon to talk about the scariest & strangest things to watch out for in these very strange times. Can Trump be Trusted? Should one ever trust simply the process?

SwapCast 1 IG.001

Brandon gets together with Colton from the Conspiracy Church Camp Podcast. They talk conspiracies, religion and government. Brandon rants about Occult themes in his down to earth way and Colton, while fairly new to podcasting, sounds like a total pro while keeping the show on the rails.

Conspiracy Church Camp Podcast:
Conspiracy Church Camp IG: Conspiracy_Church_Camp

This is Part 2 in Brandon’s ‘End Times’ series where he talks about current events and stories from religion. In this video he focuses on the current viral threat and gives out some facts that don’t seem to be widely know.

Link to Video on Bitchute

This is Part One of My ‘End Times’ Live Stream Show. I talk about current events & stories from different religions of the world. In this Show I Cover the #Economy & #War

*Links to the Articles & Videos from this video are listed on Youtube & BitChute*

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In my second ever live stream I talk about what a truly free society could look like & how we might start heading in that direction. More specifically I talk about how one can achieve this freedom on an individual level by becoming aware of & living in harmony with Natural Law. Join me on @BrandonSmith

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This is my first live stream attempt ever and I did it on My Username there is BrandonSmith. I talked about my latest article titled ‘How Those in Power Use Psychology; A Sober Intro to Occult Initiation’

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Recently the state of Connecticut instituted a new 10 cent tax on plastic shopping bags. Brandon gives his take on the new law in his home state.

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Brandon breaks down Natural Rights, Self Defense and then talks about why Self Knowledge is ket to any positive change in the world as well as internally.

Link to Video on Bitchute

Brandon talks about a symbol seen all over many religions, but hardly ever spoken about, the pine cone. What does it symbolize & what does it say to those in the know??

Brandon Briefly talks about the symbolism behind the pine cone, which is used in many art works and statues. Including a nearly 10 foot tall statue of a pine cone in the heart of the Vatican.

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