Good Morning, Sunshine.

If you are someone who has recently woken up to some new truth, the author has some words of wisdom. When one realizes the world view they held was incorrect, they could easily shift into the five stages of grief. Many esoteric teachings refer to these moments as spiritual deaths. Therefore, it should come as no surprise for one who experiences a loss of their former world view to take a journey through the five famous stages… Like a child after they find out Santa Claus isn’t real.

 “The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a
    manifestation and expression in Action, is like the
    hoarding of precious metals-a vain and foolish thing.
    Knowledge, like wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of
    Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by
    reason of his conflict with natural forces.”

– The Kybalion

The simple words of wisdom contained within this article have to do with skipping the steps of this process to proceed directly to the final stage of Acceptance. Please don’t be fooled into thinking that the simple solution to this current conundrum is a snake-oil salve quick-fix. The principles may be simple, but the author finds the hardest part is to bend his will to match these principles.

It seems that people who wake up to a new truth find themselves stuck in between the denial and anger stages, right at the beginning of the five stages of overcoming loss—feeling like they are in an upside-down world with no hope. Angry at what they see, and then overwhelmed with denial—a denial that anything can be done to change the insanity of it all.

If this feels familiar, fear not fellow freedom functionary! The author will make aware his answer to your anxiously awaiting awareness all too soon. In his view, the answer is quite simple, in fact. Not to say he did not struggle with similar scenarios when he encountered unsettling truth in the past himself, but now that he has overcame these fears and anxieties, he figures “why not share his path to the mountain top”—his new point of view—where he views the events in the world as if they were necessary to the healing of this entire realm! But before the author scares the reader away with woo-woo talk, allow him to ground this discussion back in the physical realm of the 5 senses.

The author started writing this post right in the middle of 2020. Since then, he has written a book, and it seems as if more people are “waking-up” to cold, hard truth more than ever. And just like in the author’s own direct experience with waking up to new truth, one might find themselves sinking into despair and/or starting to feel victimization due to a new perceived threat or danger that may have been uncovered as a result of this truth bomb they have encountered. Trust him, he getsss it!

The first bit of ‘advice’ the author would give to any reader fitting the description laid out in the above paragraph would be to, ‘Take a deep breath… Exhale a sigh of relief. You are in no immediate danger in this present moment.’

The second would be, ‘You are right where you need to be, and all paths out of a problem must start where the problem is occurring. You can only start where you are at, and so on!’

Now that the reader is calm and realizes they are currently in no immediate danger, the author will explain the simple reasoning behind his logic, as well as lay out some possible paths forward for eager readers who want to put it to the test in their own lives. The author found that there is a simple way to chase this despair away that one often encounters after waking up to some uncomfortable truth. Look at Neo in the original ‘Matrix’ movie; when he realized that the real world was not what he thought, and that he was actually living inside a computer-generated reality all of his life up until he was freed, he vomited, had a black-out and likely soiled his cool ‘futuristic-pirate’ garb. So how does one overcome this shrinking feeling of sadness? Simply rise above it.

    “To change your mood or mental state, change your

– The Kybalion

The ancient Hermetic Masters allegedly taught their students this art of Alchemy, as they called it. The Notorious B.I.G. hints at this when he says, “Biggie Smalls on a higher plane, niggas say I’m strange, deranged, when I put the twelve gauge to your brains…” He is letting everyone know that he is superior to us common folk because he is on a higher plane. Is he referring to refer? Or could it be that mentally, Biggie knew he had a different perspective on the world, which put him at an advantage over his perceived enemies? How does one raise to this higher plane? Can anyone do it?

The author believes anyone can do this, but it may be too simple for most to actually figure out. The Kybalion explains that in life, there is a pendulum ever swinging in people’s lives where perceived good and bad things seem to occur to them. Some have used the symbol of the Yin-Yang to illustrate the lighter and darker times a person goes through during their life. This explanation aligns perfectly with the Hermetic teaching about the pendulum. They say the swing is ever in motion on our plane of existence, and no one can escape it. However, they say the ‘Master’ escapes the effects of this swinging pendulum in their life by vibrating on a higher plane. Simply put, they change their perspective.

 “To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration,
    put into operation the principle of Polarity and
    concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which
    you desire to suppress. Kill out the undesirable by
    changing its polarity.”

– The Kybalion

What the above quote from the Kybalion is trying to say—in the author’s view—is that by focusing on the positive of any given situation, the “silver lining,” if you will, one is able to change their mental state to a more positive one. If it is true that “Energy goes where attention flows,” then wouldn’t it be logical to assume that this energy flowing in a positive upward direction could only propel a person to a more positive position? The author challenges the reader to stop and think about where their own thought process is leading them. Spirals seem to occur within us when we begin to encounter truth. This spiral can go up or down. Negative thoughts about a circumstance or condition often cause a person to go into an inner downward spiral as their conjured up thoughts begin to lead them down dark mental corridors of what catastrophes may happen if their worse fears come to fruition. In the same way, proper positive reinforcement from within could cause a person to spiral upward as their point of view shifts about a situation where previously they had thought they were experiencing a loss, but now can see how it is actually working out better or different than they could have ever imagined. The Tower card and the ever feared “Death” card in a Tarot deck symbolize this transformational process.

How does one do this? The author would say to simply start being thankful for everything you appreciate in your life, the small things just as much as the large ones, because remember: Energy goes where attention flows. If one’s energy is flowing in the direction of the positive things for which they are thankful, how could these positive things not increase? The author does this in his own life when he remembers, every morning when he wakes up, to ensure his first conscious thought of the day is a thankful one. Although he often forgets, this practice has made a noticeable improvement in his life.

Before we move on, the author must make a clarification here. This method of vibrating to a higher plane should not be mistaken as a call to ignore the world and simply exist in one’s own head daydreaming all day. Action still must be taken in the author’s view; it’s just a matter of how one views themselves. Do they view themselves as a victim, helpless to change anything with an attitude that nothing matters? Or do they view themselves as a person who exits in a realm made to overcome obstacles which come inevitably, and then deal with them as best as they can in the present moment. Maybe try to see how these experiences can make them a better person?

It would seem simple, wouldn’t it? Sometimes simplicity takes practice, so practice on! Also, remember the other key to all of this self-work stuff is that one should take it easy on themselves. Self-work can be one of the scariest tasks to undertake, so the author would advise one in this position to congratulate themselves and stay the course. Just reading this article puts you miles ahead of where the author was only a few short years ago when he was in the world engaging heavily in escapism. So take a bow and a break!


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